Do you like grilled cheese sandwiches?

That’s the question— do you? Today is Grilled Cheese Sandwich day, so why not indulge?

I have had a stance on how to pronounce SANDWICH for a while back in high school. I am that kind of nerd who wanted to make a graph comparing the way people pronounce that word to different factors such as age or occupation, but never got around to it because of whatever reason. I hear people say “samwich” as well as “sandwich” with the latter being way less common despite no m being present in the word. My father occasionally pronounces it “samich” and irking my brain. I’m not shaming him, nor am I shaming anyone who says samwich, but when elementary school teachers even pronounce it like that I think it’s time to change the spelling of the word.

It has happened before and it can happen again. Let’s make a connexion with the pronunciation of the word sandwich today (connection used to be spelled with an x), and change the spelling to samwich!

This is blog post 12 of 30 of my April writing challenge. Enjoy a cheese samwich today!


Author: BeGraceful

My name is Bailey; writing is a passion of mine and I am excited to see where it takes me!

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