Happy National Cat Day!



People like to be happy. I have found my version of happy. It involves nerdy things, nerdy people, and patience. A lot of patience.

I have asked the other nerd involved in my form of happy if I may identify them in this here blog, and I got the green light, his name is Taylor.

I met him online, and we started the relationship building process as friends. Looking back at past relationships I’ve had with friends and more-than-friends people, I have to admit this was a wise and mature decision. Taylor works in a library as a part time librarian, has a college degree, has a meek and charming personality, and plays games (these are just some of his features). I thought,
“This person appears fantastic, let’s see how these characteristics hold up in person.”
They absolutely hold up!

I’m getting off topic, let’s real it back in. My apologies. 

I am a nerd, if you didn’t know. If I had to be more specific, I am a book nerd. From what I’ve seen of Taylor, he’s a nerd as well. I believe Homo sapiens are a social species, so finding others who share similar qualities is beneficial. After meeting Taylor, I believe my living conditions have improved. If I merely think of him, I feel my body produces more dopamine!

I’m glad to have someone like him in my life. Life can be chaotic, so I appreciate his dependable support. It’s not a one way street though, and I provide support for him too. I’m excited for him to reach his goals and he’s just as thrilled for mine.


I am absolutely a morning person.

I have been like this for a long time, I say it’s because of how early I had to wake up for primary school/middle school/high school. Also college had early classes, and I have a Bachelor of Science degree in educational studies, so I had to relive the whole getting-up-early thing from primary school but this time I was in the teaching role so I had to get up even earlier.

I don’t know if that made me a morning person or not, but I truly enjoy it.

According to my research on a government website, I discovered that morning/evening people are likely predisposed from their genes. Also, studies have shown that this is a heritable trait. If y’all want to read the whole webpage, go to:


As I mentioned above, I’m absolutely a morning person, and although it can annoy those around me when I am ready to start the day at 07:00, I will let my body perform how it does best—in the morning! Have a wonderful day and thanks for reading.

Support small businesses!

A small business I support is EmbraceTheWeird.design, go check it out and embrace your inner weirdo!

I have been buying weird merchandise from a small business located in California for a few years now; it’s called Embrace The Weird. You can check it out at embracetheweird.design to get your own weird stuff. This site has got practically everything a die hard weirdo can want- including awesome shirts, sculptures, drink coasters, hats, earrings, magnets, stickers, wall art, and more!

This is a small business that I come back to time and time again to check out what’s new. Recently, I purchased a new shirt for somebody’s birthday. I was flabbergasted when I saw the new design known as Sinus Cleanse! because it is a superbly weird unisex design that will make the recipient smile for sure.

Small businesses need support so that they can prosper. I support Embrace The Weird because I’m a certified weirdo who isn’t afraid to show it.

A birthday well spent

Today I turned 25, here’s some of the key points of the day for me. Enjoy reading!

Today is my 25th birthday. I feel that today was great. I’ll lay out some of the happenings.

  • My cat Mystery woke me up with his habitual morning meows. Maybe he meowed “happy birthday” in the mix, I wouldn’t know.
  • I ate my favorite type of muffin (blueberry) for breakfast.
  • My dad woke up very early (because he had to use the bathroom and didn’t want to go back to sleep for 30 minutes) and says “happy birthday”
  • Poppop Len texts me bright and early to say “happy birthday “
  • • • • • I realized now I’m going to forget a lot of little details because I’m suddenly feeling tired and will just mention big points in the day.
  • I opened a jewelry box and found a minimalistic necklace with two intwined circles. Also a very decorative card.
  • I went to a zoo to meet up with a friend. He bought our tickets in advance (nice birthday gift) so we just had to wait for his wifi to load a barcode.
  • We walked around the zoo and I learned his favorite animal is a capybara. It was very humid. We saw at least two groups of people on field trips.
  • Once I returned home I received an email from a username I was familiar with. My friend sent me a game on PC that we talked about playing when we met up in a library. I felt visible again.
  • My brother Noah gave me a flower that he 3D printed, and it was precisely the colors I asked for—metallic red petals and green stems.
  • My mom asked me about a gift I hadn’t opened, so I had more surprise to see. It was a cute pair of earrings that resemble safety puns (typo but I’m leaving it in because it sounds funny, I meant pins).
  • My mom made my favorite food for dinner (chicken curry) which I enjoyed thoroughly and will enjoy leftovers of for the next few days.
  • The icing on the cake—pun intended—was that I got chocolate cake to finish it off. I made two wishes because there was only 20 candles so five had to be relit.

I wasn’t expecting much for my birthday, so this was more than I expected. Cthulhu had scratched a > recently on my hand (and it’s still visible), so I don’t know what I should have expected.

Happy Towel Day!

May 25th is Towel Day. I believe it’s to celebrate Douglas Adams’s book series The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I am a hoopy frood who knows where her towel is!

A hand painted towel with the entirety of The Shoe Event Horizon inscribed on it with a simple shoe in the bottom right corner. The Shoe Event Horizon is from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

“Pictures taken instantaneously! I’m a photographic genius, if I do say so myself! Okay, get ready for an instant memory! Look at the camera… Ready… Say, ‘fuzzy pickles!’”

I assembled a Ness (from EarthBound) outfit! I’ve got the red baseball hat with a blue bill, the staple of the outfit being the blue and yellow wide striped tee shirt, and red tennis sneakers. I’m giving a peace sign too. EarthBound, also known as Mother 2, is a fantastic game and I thought it would be fun to get into character.

Happy kitty

My cat, Mystery, is napping on my bed. I joined him for a bit to snooze as well. He was resting his chin on my hand. Once I woke up to go to the bathroom I slowly moved my hand out from under his chin and noticed it was slightly wet. My kitty was drooling in his sleep. My primitive research showed that cats drooling in sleep is a sign of a good rest and a happy cat, similar to humans drooling while sleeping.

The Em Dash

How witty of me—I put an em dash in between em and dash in the url… I crack myself up sometimes(-:

In my final year of college, I took a creative writing class taught by Dr. F— I’m not providing his full name just in case he doesn’t want that. The class was a delightful break from all the teaching classes. I was getting a degree in Pre-K to 4th grade teaching and changed to Educational Studies two weeks into my final semester. It was my senior year and I wanted to take something fun. It challenged a part of my brain that needed the challenge. Dr. F, thank you for teaching!

I should get back to the point — the em dash point. Dr. F LOVES the em dash —and I love it too. I wanted to make a blog post about it so you can learn to love —. I’ll even show you how to type it! Are you ready? Let’s go!

The em dash is used in place of a hyphen – and/or parentheses ( ) and/or commas , . It’s a stylistic way to alter the writing.

So you want to know how to write an em dash? It essentially is a hyphen as long as a capital M — and if you want to type it just use two hyphens – – (without the spaces between the hyphens and the two words surrounding the em dash).

I hope you learned—or will learn—something new today!

Here is my favorite book quote, hand painted on a towel!

It’s a long one! I got this from Etsy. More specifically CraftyRivers. The Shoe Event Horizon is from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. I’m thrilled to know that I possess a towel of such quality. Every galactic hitchhiker should know where his or her towel is! Are you a hoopy frood?

Here’s the quote in text form; enjoy reading!

The Shoe Event Horizon is an economic theory that draws a correlation between the level of economic (and emotional) depression of a society and the number of shoe shops the society has.
The theory is summarized as such: as a society sinks into depression, the people of the society need to cheer themselves up by buying themselves gifts, often shoes. It is also linked to the fact that when you are depressed you look down at your shoes and decide they aren’t good enough quality so buy more expensive replacements. As more money is spent on shoes, more shoe shops are built, and the quality of the shoes begins to diminish as the demand for different types of shoes increases. This makes people buy more shoes.
The above turns into a vicious cycle, causing other industries to decline.
Eventually the titular Shoe Event Horizon is reached, where the only type of store economically viable to build is a shoe shop. At this point, society ceases to function, and the economy collapses, sending a world spiralling into ruin. In the case of Brontitall and Frogstar World B, the population forsook shoes and evolved into birds.

Monday is the best day of the week, I’m playing EarthBound

MONDAY is the best day of the week. It’s the beginning of the week, so you have the opportunity to plan out the week before the week goes by.

I like EarthBound. I didn’t know I liked it until a few weeks ago when I was watching some videos about the gameplay. It’s awesome! The Mr. Saturn characters are way out there (no duh, they’re from Saturn Valley) and definitely a favorite NPC of mine. I can relate most to Jeff Andonuts out of the playable characters. My vision is poor and I’m extremely nerdy. 😎

I’ve even considered cosplaying as Ness, but can’t find a blue and yellow striped tee shirt for women. Once I find that, I’ll look for the red and blue baseball cap and red sneakers. That tee shirt is a staple in the outfit, now where to look…

Cthulhu licking his own tail

I really don’t like how all the photos and videos I post on this site are forced into portrait mode. This video was not taken in portrait mode. I’m not feeling too great today, so this will have to count as my post for the day. ¡Lo siento! This is post 6 of 30. Enjoy the goofy cat!

Potential lap dog ready for hire!

This is Squirt. He’s a corgi with tan and white fur. He doesn’t have opposable thumbs so he is submitting his resume as this picture and allowing me to describe his qualifications for the job. He is a young dog so his resume can only grow from here!

Squirt is a lovable dog who is strongly motivated by food. When asked to comment on the matter, Squirt said “Berf.”

In regards to his education, Squirt has not officially attended any classes on obedience, which may sound bad to some, but he is naturally obedient. He saved his owners money by not attending obedience school.

Squirt Grace is applying for the role of lap dog. As shown in the picture, he is well equipped to perform lap dog duties. His communication skills are top notch, and his work schedule is flexible.

In defense of “monkey butt” bread…

I’m talking about the end pieces, the parts that cafeterias toss out and/or are the last pieces of bread in the bag. It’s called many things, but my family in particular calls those pieces monkey butt bread.

I know many people don’t want to eat this bread, but why not? Sure, it may not be as soft as the rest, yet I’ve certainly heard it said that the end pieces aren’t even real bread. What happens if a whole loaf becomes stale? Then all the pieces are not soft. I don’t get the hate on monkey butt bread.

I want to promote the consumption of monkey butt bread. It’s being wasted and has been disregarded for far too long.

Two pieces of bread, on the left is an end piece and on the right is a middle piece from the same loaf.

Sweetdiculous! I’ve updated my website!

I’ve updated my website and made it easier to find.

I updated my website to a .com web address! I believe the .blog web address will still work, but it should be easier for people to find the site now.

Side note- sweetdiculous HAS to be a real word by this point. It means so awesomely sweet that it is ridiculous.