A birthday well spent

Today I turned 25, here’s some of the key points of the day for me. Enjoy reading!

Today is my 25th birthday. I feel that today was great. I’ll lay out some of the happenings.

  • My cat Mystery woke me up with his habitual morning meows. Maybe he meowed “happy birthday” in the mix, I wouldn’t know.
  • I ate my favorite type of muffin (blueberry) for breakfast.
  • My dad woke up very early (because he had to use the bathroom and didn’t want to go back to sleep for 30 minutes) and says “happy birthday”
  • Poppop Len texts me bright and early to say “happy birthday “
  • • • • • I realized now I’m going to forget a lot of little details because I’m suddenly feeling tired and will just mention big points in the day.
  • I opened a jewelry box and found a minimalistic necklace with two intwined circles. Also a very decorative card.
  • I went to a zoo to meet up with a friend. He bought our tickets in advance (nice birthday gift) so we just had to wait for his wifi to load a barcode.
  • We walked around the zoo and I learned his favorite animal is a capybara. It was very humid. We saw at least two groups of people on field trips.
  • Once I returned home I received an email from a username I was familiar with. My friend sent me a game on PC that we talked about playing when we met up in a library. I felt visible again.
  • My brother Noah gave me a flower that he 3D printed, and it was precisely the colors I asked for—metallic red petals and green stems.
  • My mom asked me about a gift I hadn’t opened, so I had more surprise to see. It was a cute pair of earrings that resemble safety puns (typo but I’m leaving it in because it sounds funny, I meant pins).
  • My mom made my favorite food for dinner (chicken curry) which I enjoyed thoroughly and will enjoy leftovers of for the next few days.
  • The icing on the cake—pun intended—was that I got chocolate cake to finish it off. I made two wishes because there was only 20 candles so five had to be relit.

I wasn’t expecting much for my birthday, so this was more than I expected. Cthulhu had scratched a > recently on my hand (and it’s still visible), so I don’t know what I should have expected.