Hey everyone! I changed my website a bit.

Hello hello! You lovely readers may have noticed advertisements on my website in the past. I enabled them thinking I could get a couple cents here and there. It was indeed advertised to do such a thing. However, once checking out my revenue for displaying ads showed me I was allowing advertisements on my site for free. I haven’t made a single penny for it.

In light of the new knowledge I have, I decided to pause advertisements on my site. This also pauses any revenue (but pausing $0.00 revenue shouldn’t really affect my actions). So enjoy reading my writing with fewer distractions on my end. If any companies want to advertise on my blog, they will have to go about it in a different manner. I’m not going to let you advertise on my website for free.

This is post 5 of 30 of my foolIsh April Writing Challenge. You may say this doesn’t count as a blog post…my challenge, my rules.