I am whelmed by just enough. Here’s a poem to make you think. Side note- did you know thinking burns calories? It doesn’t burn many but it’s something.

It is best to wait
Wait for me
I will let you experience all I have to offer
I have to offer you the keys
The keys to the castle
The castle is in my head

I’ve lost my muse in the castle
Would you be a dear, and help me find it?
The castle has many untidy rooms
As well as a few perfectly clean ones
And… then there’s the locked door
It is a void, I do not dare even knock
I advise you do the same

There is a tremendous war occurring just outside the castle
It influences the ruler from time to time
Be en guarde

They are always watching
Always judging
Regardless of what you do

Pick up your head my dear
You will not be stuck forever
It is I
And only I
Who cannot leave
I will remain here
To rule the castle
And avoid it’s destruction

I don’t know what to name that poem. Do I go with something pithy or keep it simple? It’s a light description of how my head functions when I am not preoccupied by anything. Or maybe it’s just what my brain wants to make you think. Perhaps it’s a mixture of both. This is post 4 of 30 for my foolish writing challenge. And, I realize some may think I’m writing these in advance but that is not true. It’s a daily effort. Enjoy reading, and remember to be a nice person.


Stay hydrated!

I know it can be hard to remember sometimes, but our bodies need water! Drinks water has plenty of benefits such as waking you up, clearing up your beautiful face, cooling you down, and most importantly keeping you alive! People have different water intake needs depending on weight and activity level, so don’t overdo it. This is blog post 3/30. I’m a tenth of the way done!

April 2nd is USA National Love Our Children Day!

April 2nd is a day full of holidays. I cannot celebrate National Reconciliation Day, but I can celebrate National Love Our Children Day in a creative way!

The second of April has a few holidays, and I feel like celebrating Love Our Children day. It’s also National Reconciliation Day… but that ship has sailed (sorry the man, you’re on your own now). I’m a fan of peanut butter and jelly, and what do you know— it’s ALSO national Peanut Butter and Jelly Day!

So you may be wondering how I intend to celebrate Love Our Children Day with no human children to love. I adopted a sweet kitty around 12 years ago and I think cats count as children too! So I will pamper my kitty today, and sure why not pamper ALL the fur babies in my house!? Who’s stopping me? Sure, National Pet Day is on April 11, but that just gives me another excuse to spoil my pets!

Mystery (my kitty) is sleeping on my foot as I write this:

A black cat named Mystery is resting on my foot and snoring.

I will play “get the laser” and “rainbow string monster” with him (the other cat will likely join in) and give the cats special treats. This counts as love in my book, so I will have celebrated the holiday successfully! Love your children!