A birthday well spent

Today I turned 25, here’s some of the key points of the day for me. Enjoy reading!

Today is my 25th birthday. I feel that today was great. I’ll lay out some of the happenings.

  • My cat Mystery woke me up with his habitual morning meows. Maybe he meowed “happy birthday” in the mix, I wouldn’t know.
  • I ate my favorite type of muffin (blueberry) for breakfast.
  • My dad woke up very early (because he had to use the bathroom and didn’t want to go back to sleep for 30 minutes) and says “happy birthday”
  • Poppop Len texts me bright and early to say “happy birthday “
  • • • • • I realized now I’m going to forget a lot of little details because I’m suddenly feeling tired and will just mention big points in the day.
  • I opened a jewelry box and found a minimalistic necklace with two intwined circles. Also a very decorative card.
  • I went to a zoo to meet up with a friend. He bought our tickets in advance (nice birthday gift) so we just had to wait for his wifi to load a barcode.
  • We walked around the zoo and I learned his favorite animal is a capybara. It was very humid. We saw at least two groups of people on field trips.
  • Once I returned home I received an email from a username I was familiar with. My friend sent me a game on PC that we talked about playing when we met up in a library. I felt visible again.
  • My brother Noah gave me a flower that he 3D printed, and it was precisely the colors I asked for—metallic red petals and green stems.
  • My mom asked me about a gift I hadn’t opened, so I had more surprise to see. It was a cute pair of earrings that resemble safety puns (typo but I’m leaving it in because it sounds funny, I meant pins).
  • My mom made my favorite food for dinner (chicken curry) which I enjoyed thoroughly and will enjoy leftovers of for the next few days.
  • The icing on the cake—pun intended—was that I got chocolate cake to finish it off. I made two wishes because there was only 20 candles so five had to be relit.

I wasn’t expecting much for my birthday, so this was more than I expected. Cthulhu had scratched a > recently on my hand (and it’s still visible), so I don’t know what I should have expected.


Happy birthday Noah!

Today is my youngest brother Noah’s 21st birthday. Happy birthday bro.

Today is also piñata day, so he’s probably going to get a piñata.

In other news, I want to write blog posts you readers actually want to read. I don’t have a baby, so I haven’t developed any mind reading abilities yet. I mean I can’t read your brilliant minds. You can make suggestions for future entries, in fact, I would greatly appreciate it if you offered some topics. Y’all can let me know requested topics through comments on any posts.

I’m okay writing about almost any topic, whether it relates to me, doesn’t relate to me, and even fictional topics. I am a writer, but I don’t always know what to write about. The sky is the limit!

This is blog post 18 of 30 for the April writing challenge. Happy birthday Noah! I’m up for writing suggestions!

Girl’s night!

This is what I look like. I’m going out on the town for my brother’s girlfriend’s 21st birthday tonight and I think I look quite fine.

Today is my brother’s girlfriend’s 21st birthday. Her name is Ambert (she goes by Amber). I still don’t have my voice all the way back, but I feel fine enough to go get dinner and gamble a little. I will take her picture after she finishes getting her hair did. Both Amber and I are independent women who don’t need no man’s approval! We are both beautiful women (me 24 and her 21 today) and looking pretty just makes us feel good! Whoot whoot!

This is the birthday girl Amber. She is 21 years old today.

This is blog post 9 of 30 of my April writing challenge. Eat your heart out ex boyfriend!