Happy National Cat Day!


Happy kitty

My cat, Mystery, is napping on my bed. I joined him for a bit to snooze as well. He was resting his chin on my hand. Once I woke up to go to the bathroom I slowly moved my hand out from under his chin and noticed it was slightly wet. My kitty was drooling in his sleep. My primitive research showed that cats drooling in sleep is a sign of a good rest and a happy cat, similar to humans drooling while sleeping.

April 26 is Get Organized Day

I cleaned up.

I cleaned up my room slightly today. I currently have a bedroom that works for children four years and under, but I have two decades more than that so it’s a very tight squeeze. In other words, I have acquired quite a few more belongings than a four year old would if only because I’ve had more time to gather belongings.

April 26 is Get Organized Day, so me clearing up some space in my room so my brother can hang up a shelf had more than one purpose. If my closet had a higher clothesline, it would have been way easier. Plus I wouldn’t have had a bunch of sweatshirts on my floor. I had to clean up though— so the sweatshirts are now in the pile in my closet. Cthulhu was sleeping not in R’lyeh, but instead under a blanket on my bed while I was cleaning up. He even purred at some points, not that that’s surprising because he seems to be purring almost always. He kept me company.

I also put away dishes, so I can say I’ve successfully observed Get Organized Day!

This is blog post 26 of 30 in my April writing challenge. There are only 4 more days left in the challenge. I plan to keep writing on the blog, but posts may not be as frequent. Enjoy reading!

A few things to note…

  • I am wearing pajamas today because it’s Wear Pajamas to Work Day. Sure, I don’t currently have to go into an office or anything, but I’m rocking a onesie/jumpsuit that is blue, has penguins all over, and a hood today because I can.
  • I want to finish writing a short story today. I’m at the point where I am just finding descriptions for artwork I want my artist brother to create, but I’ve been putting it off because I either forget about it or just don’t have the energy. It’s a novella I started writing in my senior year of high school and didn’t work on it again until my senior year of college… but I think it’s a good short read. It’s a lot like James Patterson’s Maximum Ride series with similar elements to Douglas Adams’s The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series.
  • Mystery was meowing a bunch this morning. I solved his dilemma by letting him hang out with the sleeping corgis. I think it annoyed my awake dad more than my sleeping mom.
  • This next topic is a tad more serious. I have seen a bunch of videos about people who have legitimate disabilities reacting to videos of people faking disabilities. The reason? I can only assume it’s for more views. In this instance I will refer to the people faking disabilities as fades for simplicity and in hope that this trend will fade out. I don’t understand why anyone would voluntarily be disabled. It can be very isolating for those who have them. With fades treating disabilities like a joke, I hope you can piece together how incredibly disgusted actually disabled people feel. It needs to stop.
  • I want to create a new holiday. March 25 is going to be Vanilla Wafers Day.

This is post 19 of 30 in my April writing challenge. I’m currently figuring out how to officially make a holiday, so stay tuned!

Happy national pet day!

It’s National Pet Day! Show your pets some extra love today, I showed my cat some and you should too.

April 11 is national pet day.

I know I’ve already celebrated my pets on April 2nd, but extra love shouldn’t hurt! And besides, April 2 was love our children day so this counts separately! Love your pets, folks! They have short lives so love them while you can! My brother Riley lost one of his rats (Jojo) somewhat recently to old age, so remember they are waiting for the extra love today! It’s like Valentine’s Day but exclusively for our pets!

Even if they aren’t waiting for extra love, surprise them anyways! I gave my kitty Mystery a bit of cheese from my cheese sandwich this morning to show him my love. He’s kind of a big fan of cheddar cheese so I like to spoil him every now and then with a tiny bit!

Love your pets!

This is blog post 11 of 30 of my April writing challenge. Enjoy reading and give your fuzzy friend (or any equivalent pet) an extra scratch behind the ear today!

This is Nemo the corgi husky mix looking rather smug. Don’t worry, after I took this picture he turned his head sideways and kind of plopped it down. He is a pet so he gets extra love today.

This is Mystery the adopted black cat. It’s a shame his other family had to surrender such a relaxed cat. Sure it takes him a while to get to like other animals, but isn’t it just like that with people too? You don’t automatically trust strangers, I’m assuming. Mystery (AKA MR.E) is a pet so he deserves some extra love today.

These are two pets at my house, but there are plenty more.
There’s another dog, another cat, and even a rat.
They all should be appreciated just a little extra today

Cthulhu licking his own tail

I really don’t like how all the photos and videos I post on this site are forced into portrait mode. This video was not taken in portrait mode. I’m not feeling too great today, so this will have to count as my post for the day. ¡Lo siento! This is post 6 of 30. Enjoy the goofy cat!

April 2nd is USA National Love Our Children Day!

April 2nd is a day full of holidays. I cannot celebrate National Reconciliation Day, but I can celebrate National Love Our Children Day in a creative way!

The second of April has a few holidays, and I feel like celebrating Love Our Children day. It’s also National Reconciliation Day… but that ship has sailed (sorry the man, you’re on your own now). I’m a fan of peanut butter and jelly, and what do you know— it’s ALSO national Peanut Butter and Jelly Day!

So you may be wondering how I intend to celebrate Love Our Children Day with no human children to love. I adopted a sweet kitty around 12 years ago and I think cats count as children too! So I will pamper my kitty today, and sure why not pamper ALL the fur babies in my house!? Who’s stopping me? Sure, National Pet Day is on April 11, but that just gives me another excuse to spoil my pets!

Mystery (my kitty) is sleeping on my foot as I write this:

A black cat named Mystery is resting on my foot and snoring.

I will play “get the laser” and “rainbow string monster” with him (the other cat will likely join in) and give the cats special treats. This counts as love in my book, so I will have celebrated the holiday successfully! Love your children!