April 26 is Get Organized Day

I cleaned up.

I cleaned up my room slightly today. I currently have a bedroom that works for children four years and under, but I have two decades more than that so it’s a very tight squeeze. In other words, I have acquired quite a few more belongings than a four year old would if only because I’ve had more time to gather belongings.

April 26 is Get Organized Day, so me clearing up some space in my room so my brother can hang up a shelf had more than one purpose. If my closet had a higher clothesline, it would have been way easier. Plus I wouldn’t have had a bunch of sweatshirts on my floor. I had to clean up though— so the sweatshirts are now in the pile in my closet. Cthulhu was sleeping not in R’lyeh, but instead under a blanket on my bed while I was cleaning up. He even purred at some points, not that that’s surprising because he seems to be purring almost always. He kept me company.

I also put away dishes, so I can say I’ve successfully observed Get Organized Day!

This is blog post 26 of 30 in my April writing challenge. There are only 4 more days left in the challenge. I plan to keep writing on the blog, but posts may not be as frequent. Enjoy reading!