Attack of the wiggle butts!

Today, Mom and I took the corgis out for a walk. Yep, I said the w word. Nemo and Squirt know what that word means, and it makes them excited whenever someone says walk. That’s why people have to say “the w word” in my house instead of walk. Nemo especially gets really excited and then really sad when the word slips out and he doesn’t get to go outside. I remember my one childhood dog, Sasha, reacted the same way whenever she saw someone take out her leash. Sasha had bad hearing, so the word walk didn’t mean much to her, yet she knew the sit command.

Both doggies did their business in the yards of some neighbors and we obviously bagged up the business. While passing by a trash can to dispose of the doggy bags, we saw a house for sale. We decided to check it out. The back yard was mostly fenced in and the house appeared to have been renovated from what we could see through the windows. I made a mental note to look the house up when we got home as I didn’t have my phone on me to take a picture.

Nemo kicked up neatly cut grass in a few yards while we were out walking. It was amusing because he didn’t do it on every lawn, but the two he tried on were freshly cut. Squirt was panting the whole way and tried to go home to several houses that weren’t ours. We encountered another dog being walked on the opposite street at one point, to which Nemo became very excited to meet, but we didn’t want to cross in the middle of the street only to return shortly after to the original after the doggies sniffed butts and then depart. So we stood ground holding the leashes taught as the other person and their dog walked away.

The community water bowl for the cats and the dogs had a little water, but Mom filled it up with cold water when we returned home. The walk was a little more than a mile long.

After researching the house for sale, we learned it has way more bedrooms and bathrooms than I think I would ever use. Additionally, it is out of my current price range. It was worth a try to look.

This is blog post 27 of 30 in my April writing challenge. Going on walks is more fun with company, including the company of two little fluffy corgis.


A few things to note…

  • I am wearing pajamas today because it’s Wear Pajamas to Work Day. Sure, I don’t currently have to go into an office or anything, but I’m rocking a onesie/jumpsuit that is blue, has penguins all over, and a hood today because I can.
  • I want to finish writing a short story today. I’m at the point where I am just finding descriptions for artwork I want my artist brother to create, but I’ve been putting it off because I either forget about it or just don’t have the energy. It’s a novella I started writing in my senior year of high school and didn’t work on it again until my senior year of college… but I think it’s a good short read. It’s a lot like James Patterson’s Maximum Ride series with similar elements to Douglas Adams’s The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series.
  • Mystery was meowing a bunch this morning. I solved his dilemma by letting him hang out with the sleeping corgis. I think it annoyed my awake dad more than my sleeping mom.
  • This next topic is a tad more serious. I have seen a bunch of videos about people who have legitimate disabilities reacting to videos of people faking disabilities. The reason? I can only assume it’s for more views. In this instance I will refer to the people faking disabilities as fades for simplicity and in hope that this trend will fade out. I don’t understand why anyone would voluntarily be disabled. It can be very isolating for those who have them. With fades treating disabilities like a joke, I hope you can piece together how incredibly disgusted actually disabled people feel. It needs to stop.
  • I want to create a new holiday. March 25 is going to be Vanilla Wafers Day.

This is post 19 of 30 in my April writing challenge. I’m currently figuring out how to officially make a holiday, so stay tuned!

Look at this wonderful Easter decoration!

There’s a pink lady gnome on the left, a mysterious gnome in the middle, and a teal/flowery gnome on the ledge. Under the ledge is a chair with a mustard yellow and gray blanket (left) and a tea table with a white tree that has Easter eggs as leaves.

I present to you a decorative scene. I have also described the scene in words in the caption of the picture if visuals are difficult. In the scene, I noticed a new decoration sitting besides the two gnomes. It’s a mystery gnome that looks strikingly similar to my corgi Nemo. OKAY he’s my mom’s corgi I can’t claim him as my own, yet. Hahaha.

April 14 is Look Up at the Sky day. This is what I see—

It looks like it’s going to rain.

I’m sorry folks! I’ve got to go play with the sassy mystery gnome named Nemo! He’s grunting and wagging his tail to indicate that he wants to play.

This is blog post 14 of 30 of my April writing challenge. I hope y’all have great days and find your own mystery gnomes!