My dad bought my mom a lemon

So my mom has been saying for a long time that she wants a new car. My dad finally gets around to buying a new used car, and it breaks down the next day.

Dad didn’t test drive the car for whatever reason. This issue may have been avoided if he had, but that ship has sailed. My mom wanted to go on a test drive today, as she had a few errands to run and wanted to try it out. She invited me because I wanted to go buy a larger env to mail some documents. We drop my one brother, Riley, off at a friend’s house and try to drive to a store for the errands, but the car made a strange beep and Mom pulled over. The fun begins.

Some lights came on and the car displayed a harrowing message, “Stop Safely Vehicle Will Shut Off Soon” so Mom did as instructed and calls Dad to explain the situation. He tells her to try to drive home and that he would call the dealer about the problem. Sometime after this as Mom is trying to drive home, the main display panel which controlled the radio and such operations winked out. Mom asked me a bit later if she did that or did the car do It, I said it was the car. I said, “you bought a lemon,” and she corrected me with, “no, your dad bought me a lemon.” The car showed the harrowing display again. Mom moved to the side of the road as the car died.

Mom called for a tow truck and called my other younger brother, Noah, to come pick us up. The tow truck was scheduled to come in 45 minutes. So Mom and I had some time to just sit and think/talk. Mom said, “I should have worn my sweatshirt,” as she only had a tee shirt, black pants, and sneakers on. I say we could talk about what to have for dinner while we wait. The car had blinking lights that kept fading out. However the speedometer was flickering to different speeds even though the car was on the side of the road stalling and dying.

Noah comes by with my dad’s car, and we stand outside for a bit before entering the running car to escape the cold. Noah tried to jump the dead car, but to no avail. He said the battery was likely the problem.

The tow truck came and talked to Mom some before very quickly towed the lemon to the dealer. Mom then drove to a donut shop to get coffee and donuts. Unfortunately the donut shop was out of donuts.