Food is good

I really enjoy eating plenty of foods. There are few foods I dislike (red meat, for example). I have discovered that my foolish April writing challenge is definitely foolish because I don’t always have good ideas to write about. So today, the second to last day of the challenge, I will write about food and try to get at least 200 words out.

Salty food is my favorite type of food. Eh, no I should talk about something more serious. In college I took a class called Hunger at our Fingertips that focused on food waste. That is a serious issue, it’s not just individuals tossing half of a sandwich, no, large companies and restaurants are tossing perfectly edible food when there are people dying from hunger. Nah… maybe that’s too serious of a topic… okay! I’ll revert to my initial topic as I am no expert on the food crisis, and I’m glad you reader(s) let me come to that conclusion.

I really can write about whatever I choose since my reading audience has not suggested what I should write about. This blog has places to go so don’t be thinking I’ll be silent after April ends. Sure I’ve written 200 words at this point, but that is kind of boring. I feel if I were to end this post like that, I’d be letting you readers down. I don’t know what you have come to expect from my writing, but I would still feel bad.

Food is good. It’s not easy for me to make food with my abysmal vision and short term memory loss, but it’s fun to eat. I can make a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich though so I’ve at least got that. I enjoy plenty of foOds and want to be able to connect with others about it, as I haven’t been able to connect with people for any other trait of mine in a way that has lasted to this day. I am very lonely and sad. This isn’t supposed to be about my depression though. I love food and want to meet others who love food.

This is blog post 29 of 30 in my April writing challenge. What foods do you like and dislike? I know not many people comment on these posts, so at least think about your answer. Buuut if you do want to comment I promise you clicking reply won’t bite you.


In defense of “monkey butt” bread…

I’m talking about the end pieces, the parts that cafeterias toss out and/or are the last pieces of bread in the bag. It’s called many things, but my family in particular calls those pieces monkey butt bread.

I know many people don’t want to eat this bread, but why not? Sure, it may not be as soft as the rest, yet I’ve certainly heard it said that the end pieces aren’t even real bread. What happens if a whole loaf becomes stale? Then all the pieces are not soft. I don’t get the hate on monkey butt bread.

I want to promote the consumption of monkey butt bread. It’s being wasted and has been disregarded for far too long.

Two pieces of bread, on the left is an end piece and on the right is a middle piece from the same loaf.