The Em Dash

How witty of me—I put an em dash in between em and dash in the url… I crack myself up sometimes(-:

In my final year of college, I took a creative writing class taught by Dr. F— I’m not providing his full name just in case he doesn’t want that. The class was a delightful break from all the teaching classes. I was getting a degree in Pre-K to 4th grade teaching and changed to Educational Studies two weeks into my final semester. It was my senior year and I wanted to take something fun. It challenged a part of my brain that needed the challenge. Dr. F, thank you for teaching!

I should get back to the point — the em dash point. Dr. F LOVES the em dash —and I love it too. I wanted to make a blog post about it so you can learn to love —. I’ll even show you how to type it! Are you ready? Let’s go!

The em dash is used in place of a hyphen – and/or parentheses ( ) and/or commas , . It’s a stylistic way to alter the writing.

So you want to know how to write an em dash? It essentially is a hyphen as long as a capital M — and if you want to type it just use two hyphens – – (without the spaces between the hyphens and the two words surrounding the em dash).

I hope you learned—or will learn—something new today!


I am learning how to optimize my blog for both mobile and computer use

My medication has a side effect of making me hyper focus on things. It’s usually whatever I start the day with, which is usually watching videos or sometimes playing games. Today I started with editing this site… and here we are now.

I added social links to the site, changed the theme for better access on mobile devices, made commenting easier, added an additional posting site for my new blogs, and even enabled a tip page (you can find it by selecting the blog drop down menu). The tip page still needs more tweaking, but it’s a start. I am learning how to socialize and how to be more socially available.

As my goal for the day was to update this site, my creative juices have run out for the day.

Just kidding! Here’s a haiku:

What words can be said
Weakest leaders stay silent
They are all cowards

This is blog post 16 of 30. Tomorrow is Easter and International Haiku Poetry Day. I just got a head start with the haikus 🙂