Monday is the best day of the week, I’m playing EarthBound

MONDAY is the best day of the week. It’s the beginning of the week, so you have the opportunity to plan out the week before the week goes by.

I like EarthBound. I didn’t know I liked it until a few weeks ago when I was watching some videos about the gameplay. It’s awesome! The Mr. Saturn characters are way out there (no duh, they’re from Saturn Valley) and definitely a favorite NPC of mine. I can relate most to Jeff Andonuts out of the playable characters. My vision is poor and I’m extremely nerdy. 😎

I’ve even considered cosplaying as Ness, but can’t find a blue and yellow striped tee shirt for women. Once I find that, I’ll look for the red and blue baseball cap and red sneakers. That tee shirt is a staple in the outfit, now where to look…