I’m thinking about thinking and all that entails

Right up front, I should say that I am not thinking about schema. That’s a nifty word I learned from Reading and Language Arts, a class in college that taught about how children develop reading skills.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, it’s time to explain myself. I am constantly thinking. Except for when my body goes into auto pilot mode, as in when I have something to do physically such as washing dishes or shopping. Sometimes the auto pilot turns off during these instances, which is a bummer because I just want to exist sometimes. I don’t engage in all too many of these situations anymore because I have very little to do. So it’s mostly thinking.

I don’t want to be a robot, I think I’ve discovered why Marvin the paranoid android (from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams) was always so depressed. He knew everything and didn’t have the capability to change what was going to happen. I am well aware that Marvin is a fictional character from a fictional book, but I can definitely relate.

I get in these thought loops that are infinite. And they vary significantly. An example would start like this:

I know what happens in this video game already, so why am I playing it?
How do I know?
Do I really have to reach back in my brain to find out?
Why am I pestering myself to think about it?
Why can’t I just play the silly game?
I know why— it was put here so I can amuse myself
Why do I want to amuse myself?
Stop thinking about it! Stop it stop it!
But why am I trying to get myself to stop?

So on and so forth. It doesn’t stop.

Maybe I should save this post for a different day, it is Easter and Haiku Poetry day after all. Hmmm… I’ve-a got it! I will still post this today, I will add a silly haiku to it! I don’t want it to be about my thought process though… it can be about gardens. Bingo! Here’s a haiku poem about gardens:

A pretty flower
Is in a lovely garden
Let nature sing with glory

This is blog post 17 of 30 ing my April writing challenge. This information may relate to you readers, and if it doesn’t relate to you please share it with others who can find the people I’m trying to reach with this specific blog post. AKA people who think too much.