I wrote another poem today

I tried to write a poem in iambic pentameter. How did I do?

So April 23rd is Talk Like Shakespeare Day. I think this is because that is either the day William Shakespeare was born, died, or both. I wrote a poem trying my darnedest to write in iambic pentameter, which good ol’ Willy was known for. I used an unusual rhyme scheme. I looked up the bubble sheet answers for the PSAT and used the correct answers to distinguish between different rhymes. Unfortunately I cannot locate the source I used for this, so I have no clue what year it is from. The rhyme scheme goes like this—



So on and so forth

So here’s my poem!

Look Up Before it’s too Late

All is well on the planet
Not this planet, good heavens no
Good fortune is not only found within sugary confections
Look up, or remain bêtise

The knowledge in society must grow
As it is known that humanity can be an infection
Ready, set, go
Look up, or pay the price

Sugar, spice, and everything nice
Enters reality’s imperfections
Without judgement à la a martinet
Look up, or lose all connections

Ensuring protections
As fellow Earthlings cachinnate
Home sweet home becomes a flambeau
Look up, destroy your vice

This is blog post 23 of 30 of my April writing challenge. Have a wonderful day, and remember your kindness does not go unnoticed!



I am whelmed by just enough. Here’s a poem to make you think. Side note- did you know thinking burns calories? It doesn’t burn many but it’s something.

It is best to wait
Wait for me
I will let you experience all I have to offer
I have to offer you the keys
The keys to the castle
The castle is in my head

I’ve lost my muse in the castle
Would you be a dear, and help me find it?
The castle has many untidy rooms
As well as a few perfectly clean ones
And… then there’s the locked door
It is a void, I do not dare even knock
I advise you do the same

There is a tremendous war occurring just outside the castle
It influences the ruler from time to time
Be en guarde

They are always watching
Always judging
Regardless of what you do

Pick up your head my dear
You will not be stuck forever
It is I
And only I
Who cannot leave
I will remain here
To rule the castle
And avoid it’s destruction

I don’t know what to name that poem. Do I go with something pithy or keep it simple? It’s a light description of how my head functions when I am not preoccupied by anything. Or maybe it’s just what my brain wants to make you think. Perhaps it’s a mixture of both. This is post 4 of 30 for my foolish writing challenge. And, I realize some may think I’m writing these in advance but that is not true. It’s a daily effort. Enjoy reading, and remember to be a nice person.

Mind the Kids

I present to you readers a Blitz poem that I wrote to cope with some recent events… enjoy reading!

Here’s a Blitz poem for y’all! I like to consider myself a poet sometimes so here we go.

Read my lips
Read my mind
Mind is deep
Mind over matter
Matter exists
Matter of time
Time to live
Time to die
Die quickly
Die with grace
Grace cannot save you
Grace is what I deserve
Deserve good treatment
Deserve the best
Best wishes to you
Best of luck
Luck is what you want
Luck is what you do not get
Get your head straight
Get a grip
Grip on tight
Grip your new fate
Fate is twisted
Fate is out of my control
Control your emotions

Control the future
Future is bleak
Future starts now
Now face the facts
Now time is up
Up in flames
Up the middle
Middle of June
Middle of my journey
Journey to the Northeast
Journey to my heart
Heart is sad
Heart is broken
Broken to pieces
Broken bones
Bones are weak
Bones need brains
Brains should know right from wrong
Brains need time to heal
Heal the wounds
Heal the kids
Kids please change the world
Kids please change the future