Now that I have an anonymous person (I know who you are, but you wish to remain anonymous) no longer reading my blogs, i feel empowered. Hell, you probably won’t remain anonymous for long though. You are very narcissistic, you tried to comment on my advocacy post and thought you were involved in the church school discriminating debacle because you thought I had some grudge against you. I’m speaking to nothing, as the specific anonymous person isn’t reading this. I have the power to approve comments on this site, so I didn’t approve you. If you intend to get out of my life, why be such a coward and do it anonymously!? You destroyed our relationship because I didn’t want sugar wafers on the 25th of March. You probably ripped up the book I gave you with our initials hand folded too. Someone worked hard to craft that, harder than you ever worked on improving our relationship. I am very glad you have finally removed yourself from me completely, as you didn’t have a chance.

Not that any of my posts were ever addressed to this narcissistic anonymous person who thought I’ve been writing to them this whole time, but I will continue to address the general public. I needed this more than they would ever realize. I deleted the comment and deleted them from my life.