Happy kitty

My cat, Mystery, is napping on my bed. I joined him for a bit to snooze as well. He was resting his chin on my hand. Once I woke up to go to the bathroom I slowly moved my hand out from under his chin and noticed it was slightly wet. My kitty was drooling in his sleep. My primitive research showed that cats drooling in sleep is a sign of a good rest and a happy cat, similar to humans drooling while sleeping.


What is one of the best parts of my mom’s chicken curry?

THERE IS ALWAYS LEFTOVERS!!! More yum for additional days! My voice is very much shot and gone, but I’m still speaking. Whenever I lose my voice nowadays I think about the one time in high school when I lost my voice. The main problem with that day was that I had to give a spoken presentation in a history class. The teacher agreed with me that I could present another day so I didn’t have to wheeze and cough my way through a presentation sounding like a preteen boy with a constantly cracking voice.

This is a plate of leftover tikka masala chicken curry. There is more food on the plate than I can eat in one sitting, but I ate most of it! And thanks blue dinosaur in the top right corner for intruding into the photo. I still don’t like the forced portrait orientation for photos.

Yes, I’m still sick. It’s the start of week two for my foolish writing challenge. I was destined to lose my voice, as it was very shaky yesterday. My coughing apparently kept my mom awake much of the night, and I must say soarry (a Canadian sorry) to her for that. I said soarry after typing that 🙂 She already doesn’t sleep well enough and I decreased her restful sleep to three hours last night. I’m soarry, but I didn’t sleep great either.

This is post 8 of 30 for my April writing challenge. Even though my voice is shot vocally, it is still present in my written word. Enjoy reading!