Attack of the wiggle butts!

Today, Mom and I took the corgis out for a walk. Yep, I said the w word. Nemo and Squirt know what that word means, and it makes them excited whenever someone says walk. That’s why people have to say “the w word” in my house instead of walk. Nemo especially gets really excited and then really sad when the word slips out and he doesn’t get to go outside. I remember my one childhood dog, Sasha, reacted the same way whenever she saw someone take out her leash. Sasha had bad hearing, so the word walk didn’t mean much to her, yet she knew the sit command.

Both doggies did their business in the yards of some neighbors and we obviously bagged up the business. While passing by a trash can to dispose of the doggy bags, we saw a house for sale. We decided to check it out. The back yard was mostly fenced in and the house appeared to have been renovated from what we could see through the windows. I made a mental note to look the house up when we got home as I didn’t have my phone on me to take a picture.

Nemo kicked up neatly cut grass in a few yards while we were out walking. It was amusing because he didn’t do it on every lawn, but the two he tried on were freshly cut. Squirt was panting the whole way and tried to go home to several houses that weren’t ours. We encountered another dog being walked on the opposite street at one point, to which Nemo became very excited to meet, but we didn’t want to cross in the middle of the street only to return shortly after to the original after the doggies sniffed butts and then depart. So we stood ground holding the leashes taught as the other person and their dog walked away.

The community water bowl for the cats and the dogs had a little water, but Mom filled it up with cold water when we returned home. The walk was a little more than a mile long.

After researching the house for sale, we learned it has way more bedrooms and bathrooms than I think I would ever use. Additionally, it is out of my current price range. It was worth a try to look.

This is blog post 27 of 30 in my April writing challenge. Going on walks is more fun with company, including the company of two little fluffy corgis.


Squirt had his nails cut today…

And he only yelped once. With patience, dog kibble, and affirmative words, my mom was able to trim her one corgi’s nails with Riley’s assistance. It took about a half hour to complete. I have great respect for dog groomers, it takes a certain kind of person to do it successfully.

Okay, okay, this isn’t the most elaborate post. I’m trying to be the only person to occupy my own brain as usual, but it gets lonely. Not lonely in my head (I think so much in my own head it would be overwhelming for additional thoughts to carry out simultaneously), I just don’t have a great deal of friends to do things with so I get bored of just thinking. It’s a double edged sword I guess— I don’t have friends so I have a harder time socializing with others to make friendships. It is pretty sad when I put it in words. I feel isolated.

This is blog post 20 of 30 in my April writing challenge. I hope your friendships are healthier than mine. Also I give major props to pet groomers who deal with cutting nails. Do not declaw animals.

Potential lap dog ready for hire!

This is Squirt. He’s a corgi with tan and white fur. He doesn’t have opposable thumbs so he is submitting his resume as this picture and allowing me to describe his qualifications for the job. He is a young dog so his resume can only grow from here!

Squirt is a lovable dog who is strongly motivated by food. When asked to comment on the matter, Squirt said “Berf.”

In regards to his education, Squirt has not officially attended any classes on obedience, which may sound bad to some, but he is naturally obedient. He saved his owners money by not attending obedience school.

Squirt Grace is applying for the role of lap dog. As shown in the picture, he is well equipped to perform lap dog duties. His communication skills are top notch, and his work schedule is flexible.