Do you ever have those days…

Do you ever have those days where you are feeling sick and achy? Those days when you didn’t sleep too great the night before? I’m having one of those days. I said I would post every day of the month, and I don’t want to fail on that in the first week. I’m starting to understand why people don’t write every day on their blogs. Creativity doesn’t strike every day and it takes a good deal of effort to get something out there. You live and learn.

So what creative endeavor will I pursue today? I can write about my favorite food (which my mom is currently making in the kitchen). My tastebuds do not handle spice hardly at all, but my favorite food is my mom’s version of chicken curry. It’s not super spicy as she has sensitive tastebuds to spices too.

One time in college I was talking to my roommate Edna about it. I wanted to get the recipe for her special curry but when I asked for it before my mom wouldn’t give it to me for whatever reason. So Edna came up with a brilliant idea— I should ask for the recipe but it’s for a friend.

My mom gave me the recipe finally, score! I gave it to Edna as well to make it easier to understand. I don’t know if she ever used the recipe, but now I was set. I texted my mom and said she isn’t much of a cook but she was interested in the recipe once I described it. I honestly don’t remember if she actually was interested as it was 2018 and we lost connection after college (2020).

Now I should describe the chicken curry… I’ll write this part after eating it. It should be done in about a half hour. My mom said it is a tikka masala instead of the mango chutney version of chicken curry. I prefer mango chutney chicken curry because it’s less spicy, but I’m still a fan!

In my opinion, this counts as a laid back, easier topic post. I had vanilla pudding after dinner, which soothed out the spices. The spices weren’t intense, I just cannot handle it well. This is post 7 of 30 of my foolish writing challenge. I’ve discovered just how foolish this may be!