I am absolutely a morning person.

I have been like this for a long time, I say it’s because of how early I had to wake up for primary school/middle school/high school. Also college had early classes, and I have a Bachelor of Science degree in educational studies, so I had to relive the whole getting-up-early thing from primary school but this time I was in the teaching role so I had to get up even earlier.

I don’t know if that made me a morning person or not, but I truly enjoy it.

According to my research on a government website, I discovered that morning/evening people are likely predisposed from their genes. Also, studies have shown that this is a heritable trait. If y’all want to read the whole webpage, go to:

As I mentioned above, I’m absolutely a morning person, and although it can annoy those around me when I am ready to start the day at 07:00, I will let my body perform how it does best—in the morning! Have a wonderful day and thanks for reading.