I’ve got an itch to write something! Let’s see where it goes…

Hey hey hey beautiful readers, I have had writer’s block for a few months. I had an idea to write a space opera a week or so ago. I laid out the plot, main characters, the atmosphere—essentially a rough outline—and couldn’t find it in myself to actually write the thing.

That’s changed, my brain told me to go ahead and start writing today… so that’s my mission for the day! I probably won’t finish it today, but I’m excited to have a new idea AND the right mindset to write it.

I’m a writer at heart, so this ambitious writing project is just what I needed to get back in the writing groove. I’ll try to keep y’all updated about my progress, au revoir!


A few things to note…

  • I am wearing pajamas today because it’s Wear Pajamas to Work Day. Sure, I don’t currently have to go into an office or anything, but I’m rocking a onesie/jumpsuit that is blue, has penguins all over, and a hood today because I can.
  • I want to finish writing a short story today. I’m at the point where I am just finding descriptions for artwork I want my artist brother to create, but I’ve been putting it off because I either forget about it or just don’t have the energy. It’s a novella I started writing in my senior year of high school and didn’t work on it again until my senior year of college… but I think it’s a good short read. It’s a lot like James Patterson’s Maximum Ride series with similar elements to Douglas Adams’s The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series.
  • Mystery was meowing a bunch this morning. I solved his dilemma by letting him hang out with the sleeping corgis. I think it annoyed my awake dad more than my sleeping mom.
  • This next topic is a tad more serious. I have seen a bunch of videos about people who have legitimate disabilities reacting to videos of people faking disabilities. The reason? I can only assume it’s for more views. In this instance I will refer to the people faking disabilities as fades for simplicity and in hope that this trend will fade out. I don’t understand why anyone would voluntarily be disabled. It can be very isolating for those who have them. With fades treating disabilities like a joke, I hope you can piece together how incredibly disgusted actually disabled people feel. It needs to stop.
  • I want to create a new holiday. March 25 is going to be Vanilla Wafers Day.

This is post 19 of 30 in my April writing challenge. I’m currently figuring out how to officially make a holiday, so stay tuned!

Happy April!

Hey y’all! I’m planning on posting EVERY DAY in April! Is it foolish? Sure!

April 1st is April Fools day, and I want to challenge myself to write at least one post each day in April. No joke— I want to further develop my writing skills. These posts will likely be shorter in length than what you may be used to me writing, as they will be more consistently posted/I will have less time to review so shorter works better. I may be a fool for pursuing such a task, but I need a proper project to focus on. This is post 1 of 30. Enjoy!

Help hold me accountable for my foolish writing challenge!