Support small businesses!

A small business I support is, go check it out and embrace your inner weirdo!

I have been buying weird merchandise from a small business located in California for a few years now; it’s called Embrace The Weird. You can check it out at to get your own weird stuff. This site has got practically everything a die hard weirdo can want- including awesome shirts, sculptures, drink coasters, hats, earrings, magnets, stickers, wall art, and more!

This is a small business that I come back to time and time again to check out what’s new. Recently, I purchased a new shirt for somebody’s birthday. I was flabbergasted when I saw the new design known as Sinus Cleanse! because it is a superbly weird unisex design that will make the recipient smile for sure.

Small businesses need support so that they can prosper. I support Embrace The Weird because I’m a certified weirdo who isn’t afraid to show it.


Feeling needed

In my opinion, it is a good thing to be needed. Whether that need is a friend you can count on or being a warm pillow for a beloved cat to rest on, it feels good to be needed.

Fantastic I didn’t know reshaping the image would erase the captions so I’ll write them again. Don’t ask how I took this picture, it was magic. Featured in the image is Mystery the cat resting against my left foot and my left arm with a tattoo of a dog and a cat in the shape of a heart.